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The GARLIC wars!! Freshly peeled garlic versus pre-peeled garlic

  We freshly peel our garlic for the " Bombay to Goa" Relish. Food consultants suggested we use pre-peeled garlic to reduce time and cost. After research we were told the pre-peeled garlic from Christopher Ranch matched freshly peeled garlic so we decided to do a test. We made a small batch maintaining all aspects with: 1. Christopher Ranch pre-peeled Garlic 2. Generic Pre-peeled Garlic from stores and 3. Freshly peeled garlic. We were shocked with the results. Not only was the taste dramatically different on all three but it also altered the texture. The winner was of course was freshly peeled garlic and the generic pre-peeled garlic was the next. Go freshly peeled GARLIC!! I guess there is no...

Giddy with Happiness

Just got an lovely call from Michael Tavano and Lloyd Marks about the relish and how they cooked and loved it! Am giddy with happiness. Can't wait to see the pics:)