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  • Frank

    “Relish” does not do it justice! Sweet and tangy with a little kick, it may be the world’s best relish. I’ve loved it on bread, crackers, rice – and a hamburger – and look forward to trying it on other foods. Absolutely delicious – and like no other relish I’ve had. Thank you!!

  • Richa

    I have always enjoyed homemade spicy pickles and chutneys that are part of family recipes. “Relish the Love” is the first time I ever I have enjoyed eating one that wasn’t made at home. It’s absolutely delicious, well balanced flavors tingle the taste buds and pair well with so many things. Open this with a loaf of good bread or a package if crackers, and a cold beer and it’s instant party! I think this beats any Indian inspired relish on the market! Love the relish!

  • meeling wong

    Last night I grilled pork chops for dinner, and tried your eggplant relish with it, a little at first, then spoonfuls! Instead of overwhelming the meat, the relish added dimension, made the pork taste better, if possible! Finger licking yum!

  • Jm

    OMG – Just Relished the Love with my leftover beef stew for lunch, and the chutney changed it into an entirely different meal. I went from simple americana to ethic indian with a twist of a cap. How fun and easy. Thanks for turning my leftovers into something and yummy!!!!!!

  • Carla Giudicelli

    Spectacular! Can I use spectacular for food? Because that is how I feel when I degustate Bombay to Goa Relish, is the best show ever happened in my palate! .. and it is versatile, you can combine it on anything really. Everyone should have it home!

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